Anchor Steam Coupons

Anchor Steam Coupon
Free beer coupons for Anchor Steam.
I love finding Anchor Steam coupons during the cold months of winter.  It is during this season that I enjoy Anchor products the most.  The malty porters and full-flavored ales complement the cold weather in a way no lager could could dream of.  Anchor  beers are to the cold what Corona is to a scorching summer day at the beach.

Printable Anchor Steam coupons will keep your pockets lined while

coupon codes for Anchor Steam will leave your credit card balance bearable. That’s why whenever I’m unable to find a discount on Anchor Steam, I hit the internet in search of beer coupons.  It seems as though when the time comes for the rich crispness of winter season drafts,  I can never find a good beer sale.  This is why it is imperative to come prepared with good value coupons for Anchor Steam.

Anchor Brewing Company has quite the tumultuous history.  The whole story dates back to the California Gold Rush when German immigrant, Gottlieb Brekle, begain to brew beer in the thriving port city of San Francisco, CA.  Years later, in 1896, the brewery was bought by Ernst F. Baruth and his son-in-law, Otto Schinkel, Jr., who renamed the brewery Anchor.  It is thought that the name was given in reflection of the busy port, yet no one can say for sure.

The brewing house burned to the ground in the fires caused by the great 1906 earthquake that shook the the bay.  It was rebuilt in 1907 only to burn once again not more than a year later.  Again the brewery was rebuilt, this time in a location just blocks away.

Like all beer makers of the time, Anchor Brewing Co. was dealt a swift and hefty blow with the onset of prohibition.  It is unclear what the company did during those years, but following the repeal, Anchor got right back at it and was most likely the only steam brewery around.

The company kept up operation through the ’50’s but was hurting as American preference was shifting to the lighter lagers made by the large breweries in Milwaukee.  Anchor closed up shop in ’59 but was purchased and reopened in 1960.  The new owners nearly ran it into the ground due to poor business and brewing practices, earning the company a rep of inconsistent, sour beer.

In ’65 Louis Frederick Maytag III (yes, that Maytag) bought a majority share and slowly began to turn the company around.  By the 1980’s Anchor Steam was gaining national attention and demand steadily increased.

Anchor Brewing Co. now offers the following beers:

Core Beers

  • Anchor Steam: 4.9%
  • Anchor Small: 3.3%
  • Liberty Ale: 6%
  • Anchor Porter: 5.6%
  • Old Foghorn Barleywine:
  • Occasional Beers

  • Anchor Bock: 5.5% abv (January-April)
  • Summer Beer: 4.6% abv (April-August)
  • Humming Ale: 5.5% abv (August-November)
  • Christmas Ale: 5-6% abv (November-January)

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